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Welcome to the Stone Yard

At The Stone Yard you will find an extensive selection of landscaping stone. We carry everything you need for your project supplying the homeowners and contractors. We Inventory ground cover stone, wallstone/border stone, landscape boulders, flagstone, pavers, and concrete retaining walls. We also have all the accessories you’ll need such as weed barrier, base material, edging, ETC. Be sure to check out our portfolio of photos of the stone to give you a visual. All stone products are sold by weight and are weighed on our truck scale or a smaller beam scale for accuracy that are both state certified.

Our Vendors

We are distributors of quality concrete pavers and retaining walls from the following companies. Click on their logo to learn more.

Click on any of the logos above to visit the vendor’s website.

Stone Catalog

Ground Cover Stone

Large Raspberry Swirl: 80 sq.ft./ton @ 2" depth

Small Raspberry Swirl : 100 sq.ft./ton @ 2" depth

Large River Rock : 80 sq.ft./ton @ 2" depth

Small River Rock: 100 sq.ft./ton @ 2" depth

Beachfront Pebbles: 100 sq.ft./ton @ 2" depth

Black Granite: 90 sq.ft./ton @ 2" depth

Small Caramel: 100 sq.ft./ton @ 2" depth

Large Caramel: 80 sq.ft./ton @ 2' depth

Navajo Sunset: 140 sq.ft./ton @ 2" depth

Golden Pebbles : 100 sq.ft./ton @ 2' depth

Pea Gravel : 100 sq.ft. @ 2" depth

Red Lava 250 sq.ft./ton @ 2" depth

Ruby Red Granite 100 sq.ft./ton @ 2" depth

Sand Pebbles: 100 sq.ft./ton @ 2" depth

Rustic Red: 100 sq.ft./ton @ 2" depth

Slate Chips: 100 sq.ft./ton @ 2" depth

Stone Bark : 225 sq.ft./ton @ 2" depth

White Marble: 90 sq.ft./ton @ 2" depth

Black Lava 225 sq.ft./ton @ 2" depth

Oversize River Rock: 60 sq.ft./ton @ 2" depth

Mexican Pebbles



Red Lava

Rustic Red

Slate Chips

Large Raspberry Swirl


Fern Green

Granite Cobbles

Midnight Black

Rose Gorge

Weathered Limestone

Wall Stone

Colonial Blue Grey

Flat Creek Stone

Lilac Colonial

Round Creek Rock

Sandstone Cutwall

Sandstone Mixed Wall

Thick Fieldstone

Thick Sandstone

Thin Fieldstone

Thin Sandstone

Tumbled Bluestone

Tumbled Lilac

Grey Gorge


Bluestone Flagstone

Grey gorge flagstone

Grey Gorge Steppers

Sandstone Flagstone

Colonial Steppers

Sand & Gravel


Small berm 411

Washed 8

Washed 57

White Beach Sand

Yellow Fill Sand

Concrete Sand

Outcrops & Steps

Fieldstone Outcrop

Fieldstone Steppers

Sandstone Steps

Sandstone Outcrop

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