https://woodvilleroadnursery.com/images/content/hydroseeding1.JPGHydroseeding is a process of spraying down a slurry of material to your final graded yard in order to establish a new lawn. The slurry contains a mix of water, starter fertilizer, wood fiber mulch, paper mulch, a soil tackifier that acts like a glue to stick the slurry to the ground along with the seed. This process gives you the ‘green' look for the first few days. Hydroseeding provides the right environment for the seed to germinate and helps develop beautiful lawn fast. With any new lawn, regular watering with appropriate weather is needed to have optimal results. Although we can seed throughout the growing season, we recommend installation of lawns in the late summer/early fall months. The cooler temperatures along with more regular rainfall help to achieve a beautiful lawn.

/images/content/hydroseeding-2.JPGOur hydroseeder is the best type of machine available on the market today. It utilizes mechanical agitation which thoroughly mixes the material, and allows the use of wood fiber as a mulch cover, vs. cheaper, lesser quality ‘jet' agitated machines that cannot properly mix the material and is not able to handle wood fiber. When considering hydroseeding, ask how the machine works!