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About Us

Established in 1960, Woodville Road Nursery is a landscaping company that specializes in quality designs for residential and commercial projects.
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Hours of Operation


April 1st – May 31st
Monday – Friday 9 am – 6pm
Saturday: 7 am -2 pm
Sunday: 11am -2pm

Summer / Fall

June 1st – Oct 31st
Monday – Friday 9 am – 5pm
Saturday: 7 am -12 pm
Sunday: Closed

Contact Details

5819 Woodville Rd
Northwood, OH 43619
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Phone: (419) 836-7828
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Woodville Road Nursery is one of the areas largest suppliers of natural hardwood mulch. Mulching your landscape beds not only gives you a fresh look, but also helps retain moisture. As it breaks down, it actually feeds your plants.

Additional Details

All products are shredded to a nice finer consistency with no chunks/chips, providing a nice product that lies flat, looks good and does not blow around. The mulches are sold by the cubic yard, which will cover approximately 100-110 sq./ft/yard at a 2.5″ depth for new mulching.


Natural Brown Bark mulch

Our Natural Brown Bark mulch is a blend of hardwood bark that is dark chocolate brown in color.



Black Mulch

Our black mulch is a dyed hardwood bark mulch. It is not recycled pallets like what is typically found in a bulk dyed product.



Red Mulch

Our red mulch is a dyed hardwood mulch. It is not recycled pallets like what is typically found in a bulk dyed product.



Brown Mulch

Our brown mulch is a dyed mulch comprised of hardwood bark.The enhanced color will give a longer ‘fresh mulched’ look.



Wood Mulch

Our wood mulch has a natural color comprised of all natural virgin wood. There isn’t any recycled wood present such as lumber or pallets. This economical mulch is offered at a lower price point.


playgroud mulch

Playground Mulch

Our playground mulch is certified by the International play equipment manufactures association. The product consists of virgin wood that provides the proper cushion for your home, school, or business playground.


*All purchases made with a card will be subject to a 2.5% fee.

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